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As a member of the TTEndurance community, you'll be in great company - sharing your passion for cycling, triathlon and endurance training with other athletes from all over. TTEndurance sponsors a number of teams, including:

  • USA Triathlon sanctioned team (2009 and 2010 Connecticut club champions)
  • USA Cycling sanctioned team
  • Elite triathlon team with top area athletes

TT club members enjoy group training, special club memberships and all the benefits that come with being part of a larger group.


TTEndurance Coaches Cavalcade Into Spring with Victories

As the polar vortex of 2014 raged just beyond the glass panes of TTEndurance, the pains of TT's athletes sharpening themselves within resonated to the beat of treadmills and whir of wheels, resounding in stoic discipline.  Bent through the winter with a singular vision of excellence replete with athletic mettle, Eneas and the whole cadre of TTEndurance have prepared themselves for a warm weather campaign of vigorous racing that will undoubtedly yield many moments of unmitigated triumph.

           Eneas has already begun the charge with his 2nd Place podium finish at the initial race of the Bethel Spring Series.  Breaking away from the peloton while dragging a handful of cyclists with him, Eneas' only regret was not going harder and letting a final sprint meat out first and second place, (they had lapped the entirety of the field earlier on the mile or so criterium course.)  The following week, at the 2nd race of the Spring Series, Eneas went one better and won the race outright, despite having no teammates in the hunt with him.  Mr. Freyre has determined to contest the remainder of the Spring Series and contest for a GC overall win, a distinction that would match his GC victory from the 2013 Spring Series. 

            After this, a ride against the best domestic professional teams at the Tour of Battenkill is in order for Eneas, followed by a run at an age group national championship.  If all goes well, the summer will culminate with a podium finish at the Mount Washington Hill Climb, a grueling one- hour bike race to the summit of New England's highest mountain.

            Dominic Gillen has also experienced a winter of rarified training through this winter of discontent and favors a re-engagement in the sport of triathlon this summer.

            Torr Bennetta will be contesting as many of the New England, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania endurance off-road events as possible.  Individual race wins will be the order of the day, and with key events in May, August, and October, Torr is physically and mentally preparing himself to pin it when and wherever the gun goes off.

            Running coach Timothy Milenkevich opened his 2014 campaign with a 3rd place finish at the 5 mile State Championship, (1st in Age Group,) and followed this up with an overall 1st place victory at the Boston Buildup 20K.  Rolling week to week, Tim ran for 4th place in the 5K State Championship, (1st AG,) and a 2nd place finish in the Boston Buildup 25K, where he felt little shame in conceding the win to West Point's top distance runner.  Mr. Milenkevich has plotted out a vigorous Spring campaign with runs upcoming at the Warren Street 4 Miler in Fairfield, (New England's largest 4 Mile race,) the Boston Blowout 30K, the Danbury Half Marathon State Championship and, last but not least, the Boston Marathon.  Tim admits being behind schedule from where he was last year due to injury in January and bad outdoor training conditions but feels optimistic about steadily improving his fitness as the year progresses.

            TTEndurance trainer Tammy Kiernan has been transitioning to full time work at our Westport facility and feels as though 2014 will be a very successful year.  The Greenwich Half Marathon in April will be a good indication of run fitness and she feels that a successful move into sprint triathlons in the summer will be a good lead up to a Half-Iron in the fall.

           Pascale Butcher intends to ride strongly at the Tour of Battenkill as well as challenging the bike leg of the American Zofingen Short Course this Spring.  Strength on the bike will be a lead up to various triathlons throughout the early summer including Ridgefield Sprint and the Pat Griskus Olympic.  In late summer Pascale will be heading to France with a small group to ride a few stages of the Tour de France course, including the Tourmalet.  Her season's focal point will be qualification at Age Group Nationals in Triathlon for a bid at 2015 World's.

            Charting out our goals keeps athletes on-point, and we encourage all individuals involved with TTEndurance to make a plan, for however seemingly small or ambitious the goal; in the long run (or ride), we only hit that at which we aim.


Freyre finds Yellow at Bethel Spring Series

Eneas Freyre reached the top step of the podium winning in Sundays 3/9/14 race #2 of the Bethel Spring series and slipping into the GC lead. 

After a fast first half of the race, things heated up as Eneas made all the critical field splits eventually finding himself in a select group of 4 which he attacked out of in the finale lap to take the win in an exciting afternoon of racing.



Battenkill Training session #1 coaching notes

Great to have everyone at our 1st Battenkill training session on Saturday. Session #2 will be Saturday 3/15/14 at 8:30AM from TTEndurance in Westport.

A few notes on prepping for dirt road cycling:

1) always check bolts for tightness and proper torque settings. Rough roads can make just about anything come loose. This is also a good reason to test your racing bike on the dirt road at race speeds to identify potential issues that may arise before race day.

2) Tire selection and pressure are keys to maximizing grip, comfort and minimizing flats. 

- Tubeless is best because of advantage of sealant that can stop a small leak. It saved me last year!

- Tubular is solid because of minimal danger of pinch flats

- Clinchers are last resort and use 25c sized tires if your bike can handle with latex tubes. Latex is more supple and not as prone to pinch flatting. 

Tire pressure is dependent on the kind of tires you use. If tubeless take about 10-20psi less than standard clincher settings which are as follows:

140 and under = 85/90psi

140-165 = 90/100psi

165 and up 110psi

Mor tips next week.


Freyre returns to racing

After taking nearly 5 months off from competition as he focussed his efforts on getting TTEndurance up and running,  Eneas Freyre returned to competition this past Sunday and opened his 2014 cycling campaign with a 2nd place finish at the traditional local season opener in Bethel.



TTEndurance Takes Over TARGETRAINING

TTEndurance Takes Over TARGETRAINING

WESTPORT, Conn. – February 24, 2014 – Amidst the ever-evolving commercial 
landscape on Westport’s Post Road East, some changes seem to gain more attention 
than others. So when the closing of Great Cakes a few weeks ago at number 772 was 
followed almost immediately by the closing of next-door neighbor TARGETRAINING 
Tri&Cycle, it left the entire first floor of that building temporarily vacant. It also left 
people asking about the fate of TARGETRAINING’s sports training facility on the 
second floor.
The answer came this week from Eneas Freyre, owner of TTEndurance, which took 
over operation of the training business late last year. “We’re here every day providing 
strength, flexibility and endurance training for everyone from cyclists, runners and 
swimmers to triathletes, skiers, tennis players and people who just want to be more 
active,” said Freyre. “Our team of experienced coaches—all of whom are accomplished 
athletes in their own right—are working with clients looking for a long-term approach 
to fitness and a healthy dose of fun and camaraderie.” He also said that new signage is 
coming soon.
An elite athlete and longtime endurance coach himself, Freyre helped establish the 
endurance and fitness training programs at TARGETRAINING nearly a decade ago. 
“We’re all really excited about extending and expanding those programs in the coming 
months, with both classes and individual training aimed at helping our clients set new 
goals for themselves and reach them,” he said.
In addition, Freyre said that TTEndurance will be providing retail and maintenance 
services for its clients, with inventory and supplies focusing on bicycle service and a 
team of experienced bicycle mechanics.
He went on to point out that because overall wellness is a key component of fitness, 
TTEndurance has teamed up with orthopedic sports medicine specialist Abi Smith, 
PT,DPT, SCS, of Forward Motion Physical Therapy, whose onsite studio offers hands-
on techniques to facilitate pain relief and functional recovery, along with therapeutic 
exercise and home programs.Plans are also underway to deliver sports massage therapy 
and nutritional consultation programs.
772 Post Road East
Westport, CT 06880
For further information, contact:
Eneas Freyre